California Coast

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Producer: Rigler Creative
Rights: Unlimited, 3/1/20 to 2/28/22 (Live Linear Streaming available)
High Definition

California Coast celebrates the most beautiful and most visited coastline in the world. One of the Golden State’s best-kept secrets, the 1100-mile California Coastal Trail follows the coastline in its entirety, a magnificent once-in-a-century planning and construction effort.

Over the last 4 years, the film team at Rigler Creative (Lost LA City Walk on public television) visited all 15 counties along the California coastline between Mexico and Oregon to capture material.

This brand-new special compiles new interviews and the cinematic highlights from all 15 counties to explore the questions and most pressing topics currently dominating the national conversation: sea level rise, coastal access, diversity, cultural barriers, ocean preservation, and the legacy of the Coastal Act.


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